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Summer Pass Signup

Agreement and Terms
I understand that this card is non-transferable, non-refundable, and that I am entitled to receive the benefits associated with the card that I purchase.  I must present my identification card each time that I exercise my benefits at any Las Vegas OB Sports managed facility, (known from this point as the Club).  I agree to observe and adhere to all club policies including but not limited to:(__) TERMS OF PROGRAM: The 2022 OB Sports Summer Golf Card is effective from May 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022.  The 2022 OB Sports Summer Golf Card program is not applicable with any other program or offer unless specified by the Club.
(__) GREEN FEES: This program allows the 2022 OB Sports Summer Golf Card cardholder to play at the applicable cardholder green fees during the terms of the program.  These fees are not applicable when making reservations outside of 10½ days. Up to 3 guests will play at your Card Member rates. Weekday rates apply Monday through Friday, and weekend rates apply Saturday through Sunday and Holidays.
(__) FOOD & BEVERAGEAlcohol, food and beverages may not be brought on to the premises at any time
.  The sale, service, and consumption of alcohol is regulated by the Nevada State Alcohol Beverage Commission.  The Club is subject to the rules and regulations set forth by the Nevada State Alcohol Beverage Commission.  Any violations may jeopardize the Club’s license and will result in revocation of card with no refund.
(__) GOLF CARTS: The Club’s golf carts are registered for use by the public on the golf courses only.  Golfers are not allowed to drive the carts in the parking lot, public or private streets.  Carts are to remain on the cart path around all teeing grounds and putting greens.  Golfers may drive out onto the fairway using the 90 degree rule unless the Club restricts carts to the cart path for maintenance or safety purposes.
(__) TEE TIME RESERVATIONS:  “Cardholders”, when using their discount benefits, may make reservations up to 10½ days in advance by telephone only. Reservations are limited to 1 foursome per day requested.  Your card number is required when making the reservation.  You may cancel your reservation up to 48 hours prior to your reservation.  Cancellation of your time within 48 hours is subject to the CANCELLATION POLICY.  Twilight times will vary throughout the year and are quoted on a daily basis from the golf shop.  Reservations made outside of 10½ days are subject to the posted Resident and Resort green fees.  The club reserves the right to restrict reservations for resort, hotel and group play usage.
(__) CANCELLATION POLICY:  NO SHOW and NON-CANCELLATION of a reservation within the 48 hour cancellation period is subject to full charge of the applicable green fees to the credit card number on file.  Should there not be an active credit card on file; the card will be suspended until the fees are paid.
(__) DRESS CODE: Appropriate attire includes- Men: Collared shirts with sleeves, mid length shorts, and pants.  Women: Collared shirt, sleeveless blouse of conservative design, mid-length shorts, and pants.  Spikeless shoes must be worn while on the course.  Clothing that is not appropriate includes: denim shorts, denim jeans, t-shirts, swimming attire, gym shorts, halter tops, tank tops, cut-offs and other dress that is deemed inappropriate.  The Club reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is dressed inappropriately.
(__) CONDUCT AND PACE OF PLAY: Conduct that is contrary to the rules and regulations of the Club and the spirit of the game of golf may result in revocation of your card and its benefits.  This includes but is not limited to slow play, unsportsmanlike conduct, verbally abusing guests and staff at the Club.


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