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Heavenly Tour

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Welcome to the 2023 Heavenly Tour! The Heavenly Tour is 10 individual events all coming together with the Heavenly Cup in November.  Players will compete in individual stroke play event once a month starting March 5, 2023.  Events will usually be on one of the first two Sundays of each month. All events will be individual stroke play events GROSS only no handicaps will be used. if more than 24 players the event will be split into two flights depending on gross scores paying out top three in each flight. Men 64 and younger will play from the Blue tees. 65 and older will play from the white tees. and all women will play from the red tees.  Players will need to purchase their Heavenly Tour card as well as be a 2023 Vegas Cardholder or Angel Park Platinum member before they can sign up for each event. Top 3 players will be paid out into players Angel Park credit book accounts. Each event a cash ($20) gross skins game will be optional to all players.Top ten players in each event will receive extra Heavenly Points, the top 14 players with the most points at the end of the year will qualify for the 2023 Heavenly Cup November 11th and 12th!

Click here to purchase your Tour Card

Once you have purchased your Tour Card you need to register for each event below by clicking the registration link next to the tournament date. Players must be registered no later than the Thursday before the event.

Event Date Time Course
Sunday March 5th  11:30am tee times Mountain
Sunday March 19th  11:35am tee times Palm
Sunday April 2nd - Sign Up! 12:00pm tee times Mountain 
Sunday April 16th 12:05pm tee times Palm
Sunday May 7th 12:00pm tee times Mountain
Sunday June 4th 7:30am Shotgun Palm
Sunday July 2nd 9:00am tee times Mountain
Sunday August 6th 9:05am tee times Palm
Sunday September 17th 9:05am tee times Palm
Sunday October 8th  11:00am tee times Mountain
Saturday and Sunday November 11th & 12th 10:00am tee times Palm/Mountain
Click on dates to sign up for each event.  **date, time, and course are subject to change**


March 19th Event results
1st - $100
Tyler Day** 76 (Birdie on #6)
2nd - $75
Eric Holyoak ** 76
3rd - $25
Bobby Porter 77
4th Bill Strayton** 79
Mel Digtale
Joe Sorensen**
Ed Okuniewski
Brandon Belcher
Jay Smith** 85
Colton Lochhead 85
1st, 2nd Flight - $100
Donny Parker 87
2nd, 2nd Flight - $75
Richard Berlin 88
3rd, 2nd Flight - $25
Josh Mill 89
Paul Wolfram 90
James Strejcek 91
Rick Smith 91
Ross Schickler 93
Chad Betts 96
Edward Pogany 98
Paul Meyer 100

** Players who won their group. $15 threesome / $20 foursome

Closest to the pin 250 bonus points: 
#5 Ed Okuniewski
#8 Tyler Day
#12 Bobby Porter
#17 Eric Holyoak


Skins $50 each:

James Strejcek 2 on #2
Brandon Belcher 3 on #4
Bobby Porter 2 on #5
Bobby Porter 4 on #7
Ed Okuniewski 3 on #9
Joe Sorensen 2 on #12
Ross Schickler 3 on #13
Jay Smith 3 on #16



Heavenly Tour Points thur 3/5/23
Player Total
Digitale, Mel 21.5
Strayton, Bill 19.5
Day, Tyler 18
Okunieski, Ed 16.5
Berlin, Richard 15
Holyoak, Eric 15
Lochhead, Colton 14
Smith, Jay 14
Porter, Bobby 14
Sorensen, Joe 12.5
Blecher, Brandon 12
Blanchard, Tim 7
Betts, Chad 6
Mill, Josh 6
Pogany, Ed 6
Smith, Rick 6
Schickler, Ross 6
Wolfram, Paul 6
Janison, Colin 3
Ladner, Greg 3
Mavro, Peter 3
Parker, Donnie 3
Strejcek, James 3
Meyer, Paul 3
Choi, Jin Ho 0
Spada, Michael  0
Williams, Mark 0




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